Buying Cryptocurrency

Be Smart, Don’t Panic

So, it’s been really interesting.  This past weekend, there was a significant pull back in the cryptocurrency market.  Bitcoin, along with all of the altcoins dropped in price rather rapidly.  But that wasn’t what surprised me.  After all, markets and currencies go up and down all the time. What was kind of shocking was that …

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Getting Out of Doge

So, last night I decided to sell my Dogecoin.  Supposedly, yesterday was supposed to be a huge pump for this crypto.  Even Elon Musk posted some tweets about Doge.  Unfortunately, none of that mattered as the best Dogecoin could do yesterday was hover around the .05 area. Sure enough, after 9 p.m. Eastern Time (6 …

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Sticking with the Proven Winners

For my latest cryptocurrency investment, I decided to go back to staying with the familiar and sticking with the proven winners.  Since my foray into Dogecoin hasn’t gone that well yet, I’m going to wait a bit before I dive into more speculative crypto purchases. For this month, I’ve divided up my $100 crypto investment …

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Dogecoin, Dogecoin, Dogecoin!

Although my base plan is to invest $100 a month in Cryptocurrency, I have allocated for other times during a month when I might want to make additional purchases—like today! For my first Cryptocurrency investment, I stuck with the bigger and more well-known cryptos.  Here with my second investment, I’m doing the exact opposite and …

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The Journey Begins

Here in my blog on, I’ll be documenting my progress investing (and hopefully profiting) in Cryptocurrency.  My plan is to invest at least $100 a month in various crypto currencies—both holding and selling when the time is right.  You’ll be able to follow along and see how I do.  Hopefully, my blog will help …

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