Getting Out of Doge

So, last night I decided to sell my Dogecoin.  Supposedly, yesterday was supposed to be a huge pump for this crypto.  Even Elon Musk posted some tweets about Doge.  Unfortunately, none of that mattered as the best Dogecoin could do yesterday was hover around the .05 area.

Sure enough, after 9 p.m. Eastern Time (6 p.m. where I’m at) which was the end of the time period when there was supposed to be the big pump to take Dogecoin to the moon, there was instead a huge rapid sell off!  I’ve not yet seen a crypto drop so much so fast.  Fortunately, I got out and still made a small profit—not much, but better than losing.

I figure I’ll wait and when Dogecoin falls back to a penny or less, then I may get back in.

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